Survivor Recap December 6 2017


On Wednesday’s emotional “Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers,” the seven remaining castaways were reunited with their loved ones. Find out who was voted off and get the full recap below!

As Gossip Cop reported, JP and Joe were both eliminated on last week’s two-hour “Survivor.” The episode showed the alliance of seven fall apart and a new alliance of four form. But it looked like the tribe’s new pact between Ben, Lauren, Ashley and Devon wouldn’t last much longer. The new episode, titled “Not Going To Roll Over And Die,” began on Night 30, after the ceremony, with Mike feeling “blindsided” with his ally Joe gone. Ryan also felt “duped” and realized he played his immunity idol for no reason. He and Chrissy also confronted Ben for playing them as a double agent. “It looks like my days are numbered, but I’m not going to roll over and die,” she said in a confessional.

On Day 31, host Jeff Probst revealed the reward challenge would have the players competing in pairs not with each other, but with their loved ones, who were flown to Fiji. As always, many tears were shed as the families were reunited. To guarantee “quality time” together, the contestants and their guests had to be “in sync” by hopefully pulling out matching marbles from a bag. Any who didn’t match were out of the running. But after Ben and Chrissy matched with their wife and husband, respectively, they had a “showdown” to see who could match once more. Chrissy and her hubby did it, allowing him to go back to their camp site for a barbecue. She could take three pairs with them, and picked Ryan and his dad, Mike and his wife, and Ashley and her dad.

Chrissy felt she got revenge on Ben, since the loved ones of those not chosen had to leave. And she chose Ashley because she though she would be the “easiest of the four” to break and align with her, Ryan and Mike. Chrissy pitched Ashley on getting rid of Ben, an idea she wasn’t opposed to. Meanwhile, Ben was secretly constructing a fake idol to hopefully dupe Chrissy. Lauren thought the move was unnecessary and that Ben was getting too “personal.” She ended up finding half of a real idol herself, with a note stating she’d have to obtain the second half hiding in plain sight at the next immunity challenge.

That task came on Day 33. The competitors had to stand with their arms stretched out and pressed against two wooden discs. If a disc fell, they were out of the challenge. More than 15 minutes elapsed before Ben gave up. Chrissy then dropped, too. And after Lauren quit, she surreptitiously pocketed the other half of the hidden idol. For the regular idol, it came down to Devon and Ashley. He suggested that, since they’re such “strong allies,” it would be a win no matter who outlasted the other. And so, after he was promised a massage, Devon willingly gave in and let immunity go to Ashley.

With that and their four-person majority, Lauren was convinced it was Chrissy, Ryan or Mike going home. But Ashley, wanting to make a “big move,” suggested to Lauren and Devon that they get out Ben before Chrissy. Ben spied the trio talking and was “really suspicious” as they insisted everything was “all good.” They told him they were voting for Chrissy, but he suspected the real target was him. He privately vowed to do anything to protect himself, which included telling Mike that Lauren now had a secret idol, on top of her extra vote, making her a big threat. Ryan was thrilled to hear they wanted to now get Lauren out, but they needed to get Chrissy on board.

Chrissy, meanwhile, told Devon her target was Ben. And when she gave Ben the cold shoulder, he finally apologized for betraying her and tried to get her on board with axing Lauren as a new four-person majority of Ben, Chrissy, Ryan and Mike. But he wasn’t sure that she could trust that Ben really was with them this time, and not Lauren, Ashley and Devon. Both sides worried they were playing “emotionally,” and Mike, wanting a “plan B,” told Devon and Ashley that Ben was planning to blindside Lauren. They in turn told Lauren, and to get the numbers back on her side, she gave half of her idol to Mike in hopes that he would trust her. In actuality, he secretly thought it was a stupid move.

At the elimination ceremony, Lauren confronted Ben over spilling about her idol while she in turned now revealed Ben’s fake idol plan. And Mike threw his half of Lauren’s idol in the fire, making it now impossible for her to use. A debate ensued on whether a secret-spiller (Ben) or a person with multiple advantages (Lauren) is more dangerous. There was a lot of cross-talk, with some saying Lauren should go and some saying Ben should go. Amidst a lot of whispering, no one seemed to agree. After the votes were cast, though, Ben stunned the others by playing his own real secret immunity idol for himself, guaranteeing his safety. With the ballots against him out of play, despite there being more than enough to eliminate him, Lauren was voted out with a single ballot against her. Thanks to the idol Ben played and the one she couldn’t use, a lopsided vote of 1-6 did her in.

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